The ex-military security professionals 

Croma Vigilant provides keyholding, security guards and mobile patrols as well as more specialist security services throughout the UK.  We are run by ex-military personnel and military standards are embedded in the DNA of the company.  We rigorously enforce high standards of dress, time keeping and behaviour. We are very responsive to our client’s needs and able to move quickly as circumstances change.  We provide excellent customer service as our guards represent our clients to their customers and the general public. We believe that security guarding is a people business and the better we manage each officer the better service we will offer. 

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We provide temporary and permanent static and mobile guards throughout the UK. All our guards are SIA trained and closely managed by former military personnel to give clients the service they require whatever the lead time, event or shift pattern. We also provide postroom services managed by our security supervisors and building managers. 


Permanent Guarding

Croma Vigilant's guarding operations are managed by former Service Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers and we are extremely proud to be the only exclusively ex HM Forces security organisation in the UK.

Our security team is dealing with the public 24 hours a day, so we have to be confident that they are recruited and trained to the highest possible standards. For that reason, all our guards are SIA licensed with the option of gaining further qualifications depending on the job in hand.

Croma Vigilant place great emphasis on key areas; training, operational management, personal aptitude, professional skills, recruitment, motivation and administrative support. Above all we strive to achieve the most meticulous standards in performance and pride in the success of the operation in hand.


We don’t subcontract our guarding to anyone else and we never provide guards for other security companies. To maintain our high standards we need to directly manage the officers. This management is the difference between a mediocre and excellent service and we won’t ever compromise.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols are used to provide a cost effective security service to sites which may not require a full guarding service but would benefit from an occasional surveillance.

Croma Vigilant manage sites such as this with both vehicle patrols as well as Deister patrols, which record times and locations of mobile guards on duty. This service can be a very cost effect way of maximising a limited budget.


Temporary Guards

At Croma Vigilant Security, we recognise the importance of temporary guarding. Many security companies come up short by providing less than satisfactory cover because the contract is only short term. However, the same amount of time, effort and detail is invested in every contract, no matter what size, by the Croma Vigilant Management team.

We are confident in the knowledge that we can provide additional numbers of security officers at short notice. We have made it our business to be responsive to these needs. Our meticulous scrutiny and planning in recruitment and training means that we have the right personnel on hand with the expertise to cope with any situation even at short notice.

Special Events

Our event staff are all fully licensed by the SIA to Door Supervisor standard, allowing them to work on premises that supply alcohol and are ideal as either Security Officers or Stewards. Our Security Officers work to the same high standards as our permanent guards and are seen at major venues and some of the most prestigious sporting events and society occasions in the social calendar such as the Badminton Horse Trials, the Edinburgh International Conference Centre and the Commonwealth Games. Successful event management is based on a good understanding of the Client’s requirements and knowledge of the venue and the event and so we always conduct a site visit prior to the event.


We provide postroom services to our clients where we also provide security officers. We manage our postroom staff through the security supervisors and managers in the building which keeps standards high and means one point of contact for the building manager. Our staff are trained to use X-ray equipment to scan incoming packages and we will ensure that your postroom is compliant with all the regulations relating to x-ray equipment. We provide postroom tracking software which eliminates disputes with tenants about lost mail and packages. We can set up a new mailroom from scratch with label printers, barcode scanners and parcel delivery PDAs. 


We provide alarm monitoring and keyholding for commercial and private individuals to SIA standards. Alarms are monitored 24 hours a day from our control centre and we provide a written report after each incident. We take full responsibility for all key holding, giving you absolute peace of mind and as our staff are all trained to the highest recognised standard, you can have complete confidence in the work we do.

Why use our Service?

  • In-house keyholding can create a number of potential problems including:
  • Protection of Employee's Duty Of Care
  • An end to interruption of valuable family time
  • Prohibits vulnerable personnel entering high risk situations
  • Company Insurance implications
  • Hidden costs to your business
  • Police Response is withdrawn after only two false alarms within 12 months

Commercial Keyholding

This service complies with the dramatic recent requirements from insurance companies to employ expert keyholding services in order to minimise risk to staff. This service also acts as suitable cover for the Lone Worker Policy. 

Amidst the swamp of Health & Safety regulations being instigated, the one essential piece of guidance for Lone Workers is as follows:

'It is the employer's duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary.' Further information can be found at

Put your peace of mind in our hands and sleep easy in the knowledge that your property is in dedicated care.

Alarm Response

When an alarm sounds, we aim to be on the site within 30 minutes and will not leave until we are satisfied that the area has been completely secured. We will also produce a detailed report of the incident for the client

Residential Keyholding

As a professional alarm response company, we are looking after your property 24hrs a day. Having been alerted by our Control Panel, we will despatch a designated key holder to inspect the premises. He or she will assess the situation and take the necessary action. The key holder will communicate with the relevant emergency services as required and only leave the premises when the site has been secured and the situation rectified.

Specialist Services

We provide security surveys and consultations, crisis management, close protection, country house asset protection and penetration testing all carried out by our ex-military personnel to exacting standards. We are very flexible so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Close Protection

Croma Vigilant provides Ex-United Kingdom Special Forces teams able to deal with any security eventuality. No job is too esoteric or difficult to solve. We provide a range of services such as close protection, close surveillance, discreet surveillance and protection, area clearances etc. However the management team is very willing and able to adapt its specialist guards into any field required.


All our staff are ex-Special Forces personnel with a wealth of knowledge essential to combat today's multifaceted methods of criminal fraud & deception. Croma Vigilant has proven successful in both commercial and domestic investigation fields. We provide consultation interviews, in order to review your concerns in any field of investigation and recommend the correct course of action that should be taken. Once a case has been taken on and enquires are initiated, you the client would be kept up to date with any developments and you can cancel any action, at any time you wish. Our investigators are ex-Special Forces personnel and are fully conversant with the procedure of criminal investigation, the gathering of evidence and the presentation of prosecution files to court. We can provide a full service therefore ensuring that the offender is brought to justice. Once a case has been investigated and a file of evidence has been compiled, information is laid before the court and summonses issued or offenders arrested. 

Security Surveys and Consultancy

We offer a worldwide consultancy which draws on the expertise of our Ex-United Kingdom Special Forces personnel. Individuals and companies can rely on Croma Vigilant to solve security related problems quickly, discreetly and efficiently at any time of the day or night. You'll find our innovative solutions reflect your requirements and our standards are second to none.


Croma Vigilant Security has a proven covert surveillance capability, and can deploy Ex United Kingdom Special Forces teams at very short notice to conduct foot or mobile surveillance in urban or rural environments.

Using our highly experienced officers and latest technical surveillance equipment, Vigilant can covertly gather intelligence and can conduct effective counter surveillance measures.

No job is unachievable with such expert and experienced teams on hand.

Crisis Management

Croma Vigilant Security is the first choice for leading organisations in Europe looking to build their ability to deal with a crisis.

Crisis Management activities include forecasting potential crises and planning how to deal with them. Many organisations do not have the time or resources to complete a crisis management plan before they experience a crisis.

Croma Vigilant Security will identify the real nature of a current crisis and implement the necessary changes to minimize damage and enable speedy recovery.

Country House Asset Protection

Croma Vigilant's Security officers have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection from escorting high value possessions in transit to safeguarding specialized high value assets in residential sites.

All client requirements are assessed confidentially and stringently and robust security procedures are implemented to ensure the immediate safety of your assets wherever they may be.

We realise the potential threat faced by many isolated properties in the countryside which house high value assets and we attempt to minimise the ever increasing danger of high value crime.

About us

Croma Vigilant was founded and is run by ex-military personnel. Military standards and thinking are embedded in the DNA of the company. This distinctive philosophy affects everything we do for our Clients in the field.

High Standards

We demand and expect high standards from every officer who works for us. We believe in high standards across the board and that by focusing on even the smallest details we are able to offer an excellent service. We have found that high expectations have led to higher morale and higher performance.

  • Timekeeping – our officers will turn up on time.
  • Rotas – each officer will have visibility of the rota and changes due to holiday and sickness will be notified in good time. 
  • Duties – each officer will know exactly what is expected of them in the role.
  • Uniform – we expect our officers to look smart and wear their designated uniform at all times. Any deviance from the prescribed outfit will be addressed immediately.
  • Training – only trained staff cover a shift. You will be notified well in advance of any training in the building.

Customer Focus

We expect our officers to be good listeners and to be able to filter information effectively so as to take appropriate action. Our belief is that a core part of our delivery is the impression we leave on our Clients and their customers and that’s why we train our officers extensively in customer service.


In a fast changing world we have often found our Clients need some support in very short timescales. We are a “can do” company that rarely say no to any customer request.


From the Chief Executive downwards, all managers within our company are directly involved in the running of the company. All personnel are available for direct contact with our Clients as and when required. We have a very flat organisational structure, which means that our ethos, dedication, pragmatic approach and striving for perfection isn’t diluted through unnecessary layers of management.


As a services company we stand or fall by our reputation for service. This manifests itself in the systems we use to monitor and improve our performance, and the motivation of our Managers to instill this philosophy throughout the company.

It is the established policy of the company to operate a Quality Assurance System that will meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 / BS7499:2013 / BS 7858: 2012 and other applicable Codes of Practice for our industry. 

Security Industry Authority (SIA) - Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)

Croma Vigilant currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Security Guarding, Key Holding & CCTV.

 We have held the SIA ACS award since 2007. 

Click here to visit the SIA Register of Approved Contractors 

Investors in People Silver

We are delighted to report that Croma Vigilant has been awarded Investors in People Silver, which puts us in the top six percent of all companies in the UK. Investors in People is an award that measures not only how we look after our staff but also our clients and we will be going for gold when we are audited again.

ISO Accreditations: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised quality assurance certificate, ensuring our clients that as a company we understand our customers’ requirements and are perfectly poised to deliver products and services that consistently satisfy their needs. We first successfully achieved this accreditation in January 2012 and are reassessed on an annual basis.          

ISO 18001 is the health & safety assurance accreditation, which has helped us to design an effective occupational health and safety management framework bringing all relevant controls and processes into one management system. This then results in minimisation of operational risks and hazards. We have achieved this award in May this year,

ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard outlining the requirements for an effective environmental management system. The accreditation is helping us to meet our environmental responsibilities, including reducing waste and energy consumption, by setting up a framework of requirements we adhere to. We were accredited in May 2014. 

Safe Contractors registered

This is a leading health and safety pre-qualification assessment scheme, dedicated to promoting higher standards of competence and compliance through the provision of relevant industry specific and tailored health and safety assessments for all professions and sectors. We are proud to have maintained our accreditation with the Safe Contractor for many years now. 

Management Team


Sebastian Morley is our Managing Director, he is responsible for all company disciplines and pays particular emphasis on marketing and client liaison.  Sebastian was an officer in The Black Watch and United Kingdom Special Forces.  He has been involved in the UK security industry for 20 years operating at the highest level with clients and security operatives.  Sebastian co founded Vigilant Security with Paul Williamson which joined Croma Security Solutions Group Plc to form Croma Vigilant.


Paul Williamson is our Operations Director, he ensures high standards are maintained across the board.  Paul regularly conducts unannounced visits to client’s premises and takes a personal interest in the appearance and performance of our guards.  Paul served in the Black Watch regiment and  has been involved in the security industry at the highest level for the last 20 years.  Paul co founded Vigilant Security with Sebastian Morley in 1997.


Guy Rampe is our Contracts Manager, he acts as the first point of contact ensuring hands on assistance with the transfer and running of the operation on the ground.  Guy reports directly to the company’s Operations Director, Paul Williamson.  Guy has been the Contract Manager for our central London contracts since 2011 and is an extremely capable and reliable professional with a wealth of experience within the sector. Guy served in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 

Stuart Clark is our Operations Manager, he covers Scotland and the North, visiting sites on a regular basis to address any issues and ensure high standards are maintained.  Stuart is an ex Warrant Officer in the Royal Logistics Corps with 26 years military experience.  Stuart joined Croma Vigilant in 2011.  



John King is our Commercial Manager, he is responsible for all commercial aspects of the contract.  John deals with quotations for any changes of manning levels, changes in hours or additional requirements as well as any additional equipment required by the Client.  John has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience

Gay Dudley is our Administration Manager, she supports our Directors and Managers and is responsible for the day to day running of all administration duties at Head Office including HR, company accreditations and overseeing screening/vetting and SIA licensing conducted by her admin team. 

Charlie Stott is our National Training Manager, he is responsible for the design and implementation of a detailed training matrix to ensure all training requirements are met.  Charlie also undertakes all site risk assessments during the mobilisation phase, and routinely thereafter.




Eileen Furlong is our Finance Manager, she is responsible for overseeing a growing finance team.  Eileen produces the management accounts each month, controls sales & purchase ledger and ensures that auto enrolment is administered according to government legislation.