Business Continuity

Wednesday, 5th December 2018

As a company we never remain complacent and are constantly assessing our stability, industry accreditations and processes.

As a result, our innovations group have prioritised business continuity as one of our main objectives and are we are currently working towards obtaining ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management.  

Securing ISO22301 officiates our understanding, planning and ability to provide continued service in the event of a major disaster. It ensures we identify and manage current threats to our business, keep critical functions up and running during a crisis, decrease downtime during incidents and improve recovery time; demonstrate. Not only will this certify our resilience but it allows us to provide added value by assisting our clients to plan for a major event or disaster.

To manage this process, we have appointed business continuity champions throughout our operation who are meeting on a weekly basis to ensure we have all the documentation required.

We are scheduled to complete stage one during December 2018 and envisage that full accreditation should be achieved by April 2019.


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