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It was about 15 years ago that the security industry started to get excited about the whole idea of biometrics. It was heralded as a way to revolutionise the way we identified people as they moved around premises or countries. No more ID cards to issue or lose, they told us, we could just scan someones fingerprints instead, and use that as a unique identifier to allow or deny them access.

Since then, of course, most conventional biometric systems have failed to deliver in terms of accuracy and ease of use. As was the case in December 2014, when the BBC reported on hackers cloning a politician’s fingerprint from photos.

So the arrival of FASTVEIN™ , we think, is a pretty big deal not just for us as a company, but for any organisation that needs to control the flow of people.

Heres why FASTVEIN™ outperforms any other biometric system on the market today

       It’s extremely accurate. Using the very latest vein identification technology, FASTVEIN™ offers an identification standard that’s almost 35 times more accurate than traditional biometric systems.

       It’s very quick. The system takes less than a second to identify and verify users, making it ideal for environments requiring the fast flow of people, such as airports.

       It’s cost effective. While iris scanning systems have provided higher levels of accuracy than their fingerprint counterparts, the high investment required has put them out of the reach of most organisations. FASTVEIN™ provides the equivalent security and accuracy of these systems, but at a fraction of the cost. 

       It’s unique. We’re the first company to combine biometrics with access control systems, so that when you slide your finger in the reader, it can open a door.

Given all the above, FASTVEIN™ clearly has huge potential for any organisation needing complete control over who enters their buildings. Many of our clients are already using it to great effect, including organisations in the prison, financial services and education sectors, and we expect many more to follow suit.

Watch this space: FASTVEIN™ is most effective biometric engine on the market today – by a very long way. We expect it to bring biometrics into the mainstream.