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With the advent of smart phones bringing all manner of information into the palm of our hands, it was only a matter of time before alarm monitoring went mobile.

And with the new mobile monitoring solutions, that’s precisely where the market is now heading.

You can now opt to install an app on your phone that alerts you if your home alarm is being triggered. It’s up to you to then decide what to do about that alert – whether to inform the police, or to simply reset it because the cat’s set it off – but it means that as home owners, we can start having a lot more control over the security of our properties and possessions.

No more relying on an operator at an external monitoring station to alert us that our alarm has been triggered when we can get an instant message sent straight to our phone instead.

And no more having to wait for three minutes for the police to be called. (Because the conventional monitoring systems are bound by police regulations, that’s the amount of time operators at the monitoring stations have to wait before they can inform the police that an alarm is still going off. Three minutes is a long time for an intruder to be in your property without the police knowing about it).

So the fact that mobile alarm monitoring is instant is an important – and very welcome – step forward.

You can even choose to install cameras with sensors in your home that will send a photo to your phone of what triggered your alarm. So you can get a full picture of what’s happening and take action swiftly if you need to.

Watch this space: We’re using handheld devices to increasingly manage more and more aspects of our lives. So it makes sense that we can now harness mobile technology to manage the security of our homes as well.