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What gizmos and gadgets will 007 have in his arsenal in Spectre, James Bond’s latest cinematic outing for MI6?

In 007’s 24 films, we have enjoyed dozens of clever (…or implausible) set-pieces involving amazingly innovative technology being deployed as a weapon, a cloaking device or to even take over the world. And we have come to expect that and think that kind of technology only exists in a Bond film.

Well, at Croma Security Solutions we have engineered FASTVEIN – a ground-breaking and uniquely secure biometric identification system that would be at home in a Bond movie.

FASTVEIN uses the latest vein biometric identification technology offering ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition. It is 35 times stronger than traditional systems, with the equivalent security and accuracy of iris scanning – but at a fraction of the cost.

The technology works by processing a near-infrared image of the vein structure in a person’s finger. FASTVEIN then creates a unique template, which is stored and validated to rapidly confirm or deny identity.

One of the uses of this technology is access control to facilities requiring high security. It is so secure that even James Bond could find it impenetrable. It is impossible to engineer a person’s vein structure – it is unique to you – and the finger would have to have its vein structure intact and be connected to its blood supply in order to be effective (…so you cannot chop their finger off and use it to gain access). The system also alerts security and the authorities if it is being manipulated and the person themselves can set-off the alert, if under duress, without causing suspicion. All that sounds like it is fresh out of a Hollywood action movie – right?

The different uses of FASTVEIN is mind-blowing – it can be used for anything that requires assured identification. From the monitoring of personnel (time and attendance), medical applications, military, banking, yacht and aviation security, to name but a few.

FASTVEIN can also be inexpensive to purchase and install, with systems ranging from the out-of-the-box package FASTVEIN T&A (£995 + VAT for Single Station Deployment) to large bespoke packages fulfilling both access control and time and attendance.

Biometric identification is now not just in the workplace – it is also being applied to the home. So, how do you think you could use FASTVEIN™.