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It was reported in the Sunday Times on the 13th December 2015, that Croma had installed a bespoke registration system at the well respected and highly acclaimed St. Mary's School, Ascot.

St Mary's School was named school of the year by Tatler Magazine and has 390 pupils, between the ages of 11-18. Founded in 1885, it is considered to be one of the most prestigious all girls schools in the Country.

Croma installed their proprietary vascular biometric system, FastVein™. The system was initially designed to alleviate time consuming and archaic 'register-taking', however it has been developed much further since then. Now it can deliver a fire list for roll call, and email exception reports of missing pupils, or specify why the pupil might be missing from a registration, even including a mobile number so the pupil may be contacted.

Giles Brand, Bursar at St Mary's Ascot heralded the system, saying "The school has been delighted with the technology, which has enabled us not only to improve administrative functions, but also the pastoral care of our pupils".

Despite Mr Brand's words, some people weren't convinced on the matter. Nick Ferrari of LBC Radio invited Croma's CEO, Roberto Fiorentino on the station to debate the topic. Listen Below.