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Croma Security Solutions has helped develop the new Future Borders Experience featured at the Transport Security Expo in London, and CEO Roberto Fiorentino is an expert speaker at the event (2-3 December).

Representing a first for the security industry, the Future Borders Experience exhibit provides unique insight into next generation border security, demonstrating how it could function using finger-vein biometric identification.

“Croma Security Solutions has been leading the way with FASTVEIN, a finger-vein biometric technology,” commented Roberto Fiorentino CEO of Croma Security Solutions. “FASTVEIN offers ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition and it’s a system that we’ve developed to help clients who require access control of the highest accuracy.”

“It’s a pleasure to be involved in the Transport Security Expo, in conjunction with the Home Office and other leading security companies, to create the Future Borders Experience and highlight the role of finger-vein biometrics in the future.”

The aim of the Future Borders Experience is to demonstrate the potential for ‘frictionless passage’ through a typical border. Visitors are asked to register using a finger-vein biometric and given simulated travel documentation. They then use the biometric and travel documentation to pass through entry gates to a security screening process involving various detecting technologies.

The output from some of these detecting technologies is relayed on large screen TVs facing the general exhibition area so that other Transport Security Expo attendees can follow what is happening. A large display at the rear of the experience explains the different processes and data flows involved in a border of the future. To protect their privacy, visitors are given fictional identities and all electronic data will be deleted upon departure. 

CEO Roberto Fiorentino is among a number of expert speakers including representatives from the Home Office, Department for TransportUK Border Force and Heathrow Airport. The talks aim to reinforce the theme of the Future Borders Experience, which centres on bringing together all of the elements of border security and highlighting the need for cross-sector collaboration.

After 33 years of working in the security industry, Roberto Fiorentino has been at the forefront of a number of technological advances in security including finger-vein technology – FASTVEIN. He is a regular security industry spokesperson, featured most recently on the BBC and Sky TV.

The Future Borders Experience is part of the Transport Security Expo taking place in the Olympia, London from 2-3 December.