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The tricky thing about security is that it’s one of those things that most of us find quite difficult to think about until something happens to compromise how secure we feel.

As a provider of security products, we regularly visit people in their homes to talk to them about measures they can introduce to improve the security of their properties and possessions – from alarms to CCTV. Most people are quite polite and may be quite interested in what we’re offering. But usually there won’t be a lot of urgency about dealing with their home security issues.

Contrast that to someone who’s recently been burgled and you see an altogether different kind of behaviour. Depending on the severity of the incident, the person may be feeling traumatised. They may have had a gun held to their head and forced to open their safe. Or have returned home to find their property ransacked and family heirlooms taken. In any case, they will be feeling violated and panicked, and there will most definitely be a sense of urgency about the situation. They will want to sort out their security, and they will want to sort it out now. (In some cases, this can lead people to panic buy and they can end up spending too much or buying inappropriate security products because they want to do everything possible to feel secure again.)

So if we can offer one piece of advice to you if you’ve been burgled, it would be this: act quickly but not hastily. And the best way of doing that is to find yourself a trusted security provider – someone who can reduce the possibility of you being burgled again but who will look at your security as a whole and put together the most appropriate package for you.  

Watch this space: Home security isn’t a desirable product but there’s a lot we can do to maintain or restore the security in a home very quickly. If the worst happens, try to stay calm and always work with a security company you can trust to recommend what’s right for you.