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Over the many years, James Bond has been given some remarkable gadgets by Q, the British Intelligence Head of R&D.  And he achieved some memorable (dare I say even implausible?) feats with them .  But in all the 23 official Bond films, I don’t recall him, or any of the villains, gain entrance to a building or facility using a heartbeat – not even with Bond’s hot-blooded reputation.

Too far-fetched even for 007?  Well, actually no…

The science of biometric identification has developed a lot over the past few years, but nothing as exciting or as innovative as our Fastvein.

FASTVEIN™ will quite literally revolutionise the security industry worldwide!

With this ground-breaking and uniquely secure biometric identification system, your security requirements can now be delivered through an identification process which is 35 times stronger than traditional systems.  A remarkable breakthrough.

Think about this for a moment – what could FASTVEIN™ mean for you?  Totally secure access to areas of your facility by the authentication of a vein.  Unique, innovative and delivering total protection.

The different uses of FASTVEIN™ is mind-blowing.  From basic monitoring of personnel, medical applications, military, banking and aviation security, to name but a few.  So, how do you think you would use it?  What would you do in your workplace with this phenomenal technology?