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Croma Security Solutions is well-versed at sharing its expert opinion with clients about their security needs and this time, CEO Roberto Fiorentino took time out to impart his knowledge and experience with the producers of the documentary series Who’d Be a Billionaire.

The show gives fascinating insight into the lives of billionaires exploring their spending habits, mega-mansions, private jets, yachts and supercars. In the episode that aired last night on Sky Living, Roberto explains why security is a secret fear for the super rich.

For the hyper-wealthy, the threat of abduction is a big concern and there has been a number of high-profile kidnappings for ransom. Billionaires need security primarily for the safety of their families.

“We’ve seen it already in the UK - hostile attacks on individuals which has involved threats towards members of the family, if not taking hold of the family with the view to asking someone to get the safes opened within the property,” said Roberto.

The threat of high-level attacks on the super-rich is feeding the demand for more extreme protective measures. Billionaires are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on panic rooms, bunkers and safe-core suites accessed through secret passageways.

“The object of a safe room is to create a barrier and a time-delay between them and an attack,” commented Roberto. Panic rooms are built in their homes to protect their family and valuable assets – but billionaires have so many valuables how do they prioritise what they safeguard?

“Is it their art collection, is it their wine collection, is it the wife, is it the children – it seems obvious that most people are going to say well of course my family comes first, but I have clients that if they lost a certain art collection it would be the end of them.”

Billionaires are always on the move travelling on their private jets and on their super-yachts and this presents more challenges for security. The big threat to the modern billionaire at sea is pirates. Attacks by pirates are rare but do still happen.

Roberto said: “Today the modern pirate is a very different animal to what we have perhaps grown up understanding, so when someone builds a 100m super-yacht it is not always as fast and stealthy as other vessels that could perhaps get close and board them.

“A super-yacht can easily be attacked. I think it comes down to what the security detail is for the client – do they have men protecting them and available, and do they have devices that can tell them what’s in the surrounding waters?”

The billionaires’ understandable obsession with safety has led to some ingenious futuristic gadgets which allow them to stay one step ahead of any threat whether at sea or back on dry land.

In the programme, Roberto demonstrates Croma Security Solutions’ FastVein™ as an example of an advanced security measure which can be deployed by the super-rich.

FastVein is a new technology that identifies humans from the veins inside their finger using a scanning device which shines infrared light through the top of the finger and a camera underneath identifies the person in about a second. It has the ability for the client to save them carrying keys altogether, they just use FastVein to open their doors. The technology requires blood in the veins and in severing a digit you will not have a scannable vein pattern that will operate – so cutting someone’s finger off will not work.”