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Earlier this month Croma Security Solutions entered FastVein into Richard Branson’s nationwide business competition, Pitch to Rich, and we need your votes.

Voting reopens today until 5pm on Wednesday 20 May and we need at least 549 votes to be shortlisted and have a shot at being entered into the semi-finals.

We entered Pitch to Rich because we believe our FASTVEIN™ technology is valuable across so many business sectors and in the future, biometric identification could impact the lives of us all – so everyone should know about it.

The idea of taking you as a physical entity, and placing you into the digital world, as an ID template with unprecedented speed and accuracy is an enormous value-added factor that almost any business can benefit from.

We hope Pitch to Rich will help us boost FASTVEIN™. If we win the ‘New Things’ category we will get a £50,000 cash investment, plus mentoring from Branson family’s Head of Investments and Virgin’s investment team; and as a runner-up we will receive a £10,000 cash investment.

So please watch our Pitch to Rich video and vote for FASTVEIN™ before voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday 20 May and help us place you into the digital world.