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We are Croma Vigilant: The ex-military security professionals.


In 1997 two colleagues from The British Army decided to establish the finest ex-military security service in the United Kingdom.  Today, we proudly employ 450 staff and we are now the company of choice for clients who simply demand the best.  Paul Williamson and I met as a young soldier and officer in The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) as fresh faced optimistic young soldiers and served together on operations in Northern Ireland for two years.  Today, we are still working together and everything we do is driven by the standards drilled in to us as young men.  Those standards revolve around the core ethics of integrity, effort and service.  It's easy for companies to add straplines or mission statements to aid their marketing efforts but too often, this does not reflect on their performance in work conditions.  We have seen huge changes to the security industry and many of them have not been good. 

The Security Industry Authority was established and we are an Approved Contractor, indeed we have the very highest accreditations from every regulatory body. However, regulation will not make your security contractor get out of bed in the early hours to solve your problems. Regulation will not make sure that your security officer is not only accredited but also trained and immaculate in presentation…. We will.

We work for our clients, not for box ticking.  We believe in a standard of service that is perhaps regarded as old fashioned.  Our security officers are immaculately turned out; they address people as Sir and Madam. They believe in punctuality and bearing.  Our management does not have endless tiers for our clients to plough through.  Our management team believes that security officers respond best to firm but deeply familiar supervision, we look after our officers welfare like no other, while maintaining the highest standards with no compromise.  Sometimes the old ways are indeed the best.

Our Managing Director speaks to every client every month.  A successful ground operation has to rely on an efficient back office and we are proud of our record in administering and paying our security staff, on time, accurately, every time.  We work throughout the United Kingdom and are emerging as the company of choice for corporate clients who want the best.  We want your business and we will solve your security problems.

As part of Croma Security Solutions Group Plc, security is all we do. No cleaning or catering, just our expertise. From the ex-military security professionals who provide security officers to integrated security systems and access control - talk to us, we are ready to serve.

Sebastian Morley - Managing Director