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The panic rooms of today make the concrete and steel room of Jodie Foster’s 2002 movie look quaint, and highly secure bunkers have become increasingly commonplace. There is also a growing industry in the USA for the construction of doomsday bunkers that provide luxury sanctuary for the super-rich, who can afford to escape the apocalypse.

Panic rooms vary in size and hi-tech security measures but the principles remain the same, as Roberto Fiorentino, CEO of Croma Security Solutions explains: “The priority is getting to a safe place where you summon and await the arrival of your security or the police. It’s also important to ensure other security aspects such as perimeter detection systems and surveillance are in place – so that when your property is hit you are alerted and have adequate time to get to a safe room.

“We’re building safe rooms, in certain situations, on every floor of the client’s residence, often inside a bathroom accessed via a secure door and protected by high specification walls. We recommend the installation of multiple safe rooms so that there is always one that you can reach quickly.”

Billionaire bunkers may be underground and feature swimming pools, saunas and private cinemas, and there has been a growth of planning applications to build luxury subterranean extensions in the Kensington and Chelsea districts of London. “High-net-worth individuals living in the capital have a genuine risk. These extensions are often occupying a space larger than the original residence and are built to be highly secure. They’re like submarines – there’s only one way in and out, often there are no windows, and with other security measures it forms another impenetrable safe place,” described Roberto.

There are now many underground doomsday bunkers being built that only a billionaire could afford to live in. These 5-star survival shelters are by invitation only and each family will enjoy a large bespoke private residence, protected against everything from natural disasters to war. 

Roberto added: “If an apocalyptic event occurred, yes it would be preferable to experience it from the sanctuary of a fully-equipped survival bunker but would you ever want to climb out of it and see the world that remains?”