Croma Security Solutions Partners | Security Systems Integration

In 1997 Vigilant Security was founded by two ex-soldier colleagues Paul Williamson and Sebastian Morley. The aim was to create the U.K's finest security service- the ex-military security professionals. Vigilant is now part of Croma Security Solutions Group, a U.K. based total security solutions group of which Sebastian is Chairman and Paul Operations Director of Croma Vigilant.

Having served in The Black Watch together, Sebastian and Paul realised there was a distinct gap in the security market for a company that could bring fresh perspectives to a tired industry.

Companies were becoming hell bent on a race to the bottom with regulation driving consolidation and entrepreneurs priced out of start up's. The culture of over promising and under delivering had taken over, no longer was it enough to provide good and well prepared security service, there was an unhealthy obsession for added value which distracted from the primary focus. 

The industry had simply forgotten the basic tenets of security services:

  • Punctuality
  • Turnout
  • Discipline
  • Courtesy
  • Knowledge
  • Inspection
  • Communication
  • Testing 

Our military ethos is embraced by the eighty percent of our staff that are non-military. We have a very diverse workforce that operate with a great deal of pride, purpose and esprit de corps, which is inspired by standards. 

We now live in a time, where more demands are being placed on the industry. Police budget pressure and priority style of policing, means new opportunities for our sector. The recent attacks in Paris and Belgium highlight the importance of being prepared and focused on the job in hand, concentration in the periods of mundane is the order of the day.

At Croma Vigilant, we are continuously testing and adjusting our services. Information and intelligence now forms part of our daily life and that of our clients. Our staff are briefed daily on current trends and where the threats may come from. Scenario testing is not a six monthly inconvenience, it should be a standard operating procedure for every shift, without a thorough testing regime, the risk of a major security failure is increased significantly. 

Croma Vigilant is fast emerging as the UK company of choice for clients who demand the best. We employ over 600 officers nationally. Our growth is entirely organic and we will never devote from our core values of true client services delivered in an ex-military manner- no compromises.

"It's not what you expect, it's what you inspect"