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One of our latest successes has come with  the NHS. Our ability to diversify into the world of care, underlines the fact that the core values of this business, which are instilled in all our staff, give us the fundamentals to adapt to any environment.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust wished to combine their security service requirements with a project called Bedwatch. This involves our staff being deployed on to specific wards, and assisting clinical staff to create a safe and secure environment for patients. The tasks we are assigned, help free up valuable nursing resource, who can focus on other priorities.    

The Croma bedwatch staff, complete a package of training that equips them with the competency to assist with a cross section of patients. Our staff have to complete awareness training in dementia, safeguarding, conflict resolution, ward etiquette and infection control. In addition, staff have to complete enhanced vetting and background checks, before they are allowed on the ward.

The Croma Vigilant ethos on service delivery, gives the trust a reliable service partner that can respond quickly, to immediate needs and the changing demands of the fast paced hospital environment. We continue to work very closely with the clinical experts to continuously improve our service offering. 

Paul Williamson, Operations Director for Croma Vigilant, commented -

"We have shown that our business model can be adapted to a great variety of environments. Our robust structure and tight parameters over all aspects of performance, produce a level of consistency and reliability that make us the obvious choice. Staff are well trained, well supported and well equipped to carry out many of the low level duties within the wards”.

In the service sector, the supply of labour is the single biggest challenge. The transient nature of the industry makes it very difficult to build continuity of service. At Croma Vigilant, we excel when it comes to reliability. Our well managed operation provides clients with a seamless offering that prevents blips, challenges or any operational issues, having any effect on day to day business continuity.

“It’s not what you expect, it’s what you inspect”