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Information and intelligence now forms part of daily life in the world of business and security. The key is getting the right information for your business. Too much information about generic security threats won’t help you make the right decisions. 

For the last 6 years we have been producing tailored weekly security reports for our major customers, focused on the threats to their specific business. We consider their location, their tenants and their business type as well as the global issues that affect us all. The final report is concise, readable and directly relevant to their business.  

How would you use intelligence within your business? We have seen an increase in terrorist activity and political violence in recent years, which has affected all of our daily lives and businesses right across the world. The employer duty of care and assessing the risk for travelling staff, business continuity planning, day to day threat assessment and the protection of assets, are just a few reasons to consider using threat intelligence to compliment business planning and security.

Whether it be a global requirement or a more localised geo fenced look at a specific area, we can provide information that will help you plan for what may affect your business and the contingency you may require. 

Below we have set out some basic and useful information on National security threat levels. Understanding threat levels may help with the planning of various business activities and also to act as markers when a stepped change in security measures may be required, up or down.

The Five Levels are as follows:

CRITICAL - an attack is expected imminently 

SEVERE - an attack is highly likely

SUBSTANTIAL - an attack is a strong possibility

MODERATE - an attack is possible but not likely

LOW - an attack is unlikely

The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is Severe. The current threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Britain is Substantial.

Should you have any queries regarding the threat information brief or would like any specific information please contact