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For over 160 years, Cheltenham Ladies' College has been at the forefront of girls’ education with a tradition of innovation, academic excellence and empowerment.

Their campus is located in the heart of Cheltenham and encompasses various sites which are geographically dispersed. More than 850 boarding and day students walk between these sites throughout the day.

The College wanted a security system that would enable them to account for the safety and whereabouts of their students. Croma Security Solutions created a scalable system with FASTVEIN™ readers in key locations throughout the College, requiring pupils to register during defined windows at scanners when entering and exiting the grounds. The system alerts staff if pupils are missing and provides live reports of their whereabouts, which is particularly useful in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College has also commissioned Croma to design and implement an access control solution for a new sports facility that is being built for students, staff and other members.

“We have been impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness that Croma have shown throughout the development of the bespoke registration system for the College, that suits our dispersed site and daily routine. The effective and adaptable nature of the technology has improved our security considerably and we are looking forward to developing the system further to maximise the benefits for our staff and pupils”.

Richard Dodds – Vice Principal, Cheltenham Ladies’ College