Securing Critical UK National Infrastructure | NATS Case Study

At the request of the Home Office Audit, Croma made a number of innovative recommendations and observations that were later adopted. The solution consisted of an IP electric fence capable of identifying multiple attacks on the NATS perimeter fencing. Each detection linked to a CCTV camera which in less than a second moves and locks onto the breach. These images in turn are displayed in the control rooms providing early detection and identification of the threat. Croma also designed the entry gate system thus preventing any vehicle breaking through and getting close to the main building. Further solutions were designed and implemented to keep security staff safe under conditions whilst keeping the site perimeter secure.

Croma responded more fully than any other contractor and it was obvious that they had understood the site and our requirements resulting in a design that was far more advanced than others that we received. The innovations with video analytics and the design of the control room impressed all of us”

Adrian Head NATS Facilities Manager