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Property developers, Heron International developed its City Paterna leisure development in Valencia, Spain, and appointed Croma Security Solutions to undertake the security installations.

The site covers more than 20,000m2 and encompasses a 24-screen cinema complex, restaurants and a public square with a permanent stage offering live music, workshops and children’s entertainment – all of which required the latest state-of-the-art security.

The project brief required a system that covered the open arrangement of Heron City encompassing large-scale entertainment areas which required extensive security. It was necessary to create a safe environment for the visiting public, with considerations for effective crowd-control for large-scale events, CCTV and lighting.

Furthermore, Croma’s security system devices needed to interface throughout the vast complex, linking CCTV and access control with central control rooms to alert Heron staff of security concerns.

Croma built a complex security system that dealt with safety and security for the public and helped reduce manpower for Heron and its tenants. The advanced security system integrated seamlessly with Heron’s central control system and captured high quality images through CCTV cameras and digital recorders.

Roberto Fiorentino, CEO of Croma added: “When creating the security system for Heron City, we needed to put some serious thought into achieving the right solution from the start. We have designed and implemented a system that we are extremely proud of. It has addressed all the security needs identified by the client using a proactive approach.”

“Right from the start it was a demanding and challenging brief. By embarking upon an early and joint planning process with Croma we were able to satisfy all the design and technical considerations and work out the logistics of executing this complex project. We are confident that the security system at Valencia will provide the highest level of security for our visitors 24-hours a day”

Andy Burnie
Operations Director, Heron International

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