Croma Biometrics

Croma Biometrics

Croma Biometrics is the identity management and custom software division of the Croma group.

FASTVEIN™ The most advanced biometric system in the world providing the equivalent security & accuracy of iris scanning, but at a fraction of the cost.

The next stage in biometric identification is here. It’s called FASTVEIN™ – and it is now the world’s leading biometric system, offering huge benefits to organisations to whom assured identity is a critical issue.

Using the latest vein identification technology, FASTVEIN™ offers ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition, and an identification standard that’s almost 35 times stronger than traditional systems. The result is a far superior biometric system – one that provides organisations with the equivalent security and accuracy of iris scanning, but at a fraction of the cost.

FastVein™ is currently deployed across the retail, education and construction sectors it provides customers with quick, easy to use, accurate and cost-effective identity management with a wealth of features. FastVein™ has clear commercial advantages and we are continuing to invest in further developing the technology and expanding the marketing of this exciting product.

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