FastVein Time & Attendance

FastVein Time & Attendance

Fastvein™ T&A is the latest offering from the Fastvein™ Business Suite. Leveraging potent and yet flexible Vein Recognition hardware, and layering it onto a rich and intuitive suite of reporting tools, we have created a distinct leap forward in the world of attendance and people clocking, an invaluable asset for companies and individuals alike.

Why Biometric Time and Attendance?

  • Controls labour costs by requiring staff to register in and out of workplaces, accurately recording hours worked on duty.
  • Eliminates fraud by accurately identifying staff, preventing “buddy claiming” and unauthorised people impersonating staff members
  • Eliminates manual entry mistakes by automating data saving costs from mis-claiming, incorrect overtime calculations and late timesheet submissions.
  • Eliminates card and token costs caused by loss through staff losing tokens or failure to recover on termination.

For more information, please visit our dedicated FastVein T&A Microsite, call us on 01489 566101 or request further information or a call back


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