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Electronic Key Systems

CLIQ® from Abloy – When is a key more than just a key?

CLIQ® combines an electronic element into high-security mechanical locking. It is one of the most exciting advances in cylinder technology in recent years.

The cylinders and padlocks require no batteries, wiring or power sources so they can be installed quickly and with minimum disruption. This also makes them ideal for remote locations.

The system allows you to easily grant access to key holders regardless of their location, the location of the property or facility and remote access to it. This saves time and money when administrating key control across your organisation.

Furthermore, It enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks. It also has the ability to electronically remove lost or stolen keys from the system, meaning security can still be confidently maintained in circumstances where a key has been misplaced.

It can also ensure the safety of the people on site through not just managing and controlling access but delivering significant health and safety benefits by guaranteeing only the most competent and compliant staff are allowed on site, reducing risk.

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