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Master Key/One Key Systems

Croma Locksmiths specialise in the supply and installation of One Key and Master keyed systems with key registration facility. These systems range from one unit to several hundred units. We supply to domestic, small and large businesses, guest houses, hotels, commercial premises, hospitals, schools, offices, City and County councils.

For almost 40 years, we have been selling the very successful One Key System. With just one key, you will have entry to front, back and side doors, the garage, the shed, even the gates. The advantage of having just one key means that you no longer have to carry a heavy bunch which in a panic situation means that you don’t have to waste time finding the right one.

Each key is unique and all key numbers are recorded; any further keys will only be issued if ordered by an authorised signatory. Should your key be lost or stolen and security breached, the locks need not be changed: the existing lock barrels will be re-keyed to a different number.

Here at Croma, we are proud to have multiple registered Assa and Abloy centres. In our workshop, at head office, we have a dedicated pinning department for these specialist products. Assa products are assembled using state of the art pin technology and Abloy, using a unique rotating disc principle. All cylinders, padlocks and camlocks are assembled in-house, enabling us to make up products to your requirements, for domestic and commercial use.

In addition to Assa and Abloy, we also stock the following specialist products across our branch network: EVVA, Kaba, Mul-T-lock, Enfield, Medeco Biaxial, Ankerslot and Yale.

For more information, to book a survey, call-out or to discuss any specific requirements please call us on 01489 566102 or request further information or a call back (Link to contact Form)


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