CCTV & Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Croma Security have always been dedicated to improving standards in fire protection. Our fully trained installers have many years of experience under their belt and are always here to help with any of your queries.

We provide high-end fire systems, from stand alone smoke detection systems to specialised bespoke Fire Alarm Systems in high risk buildings, including scheduled Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance Services.

We are registered to BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) we are committed to fire safety and the satisfaction of our clients. With gold accreditations from NSI and being a member of FIA (Fire Industry Association) we take fire safety seriously.

Not sure where to start with making your property or facility safe from fire risk? We can help. Call us to book a security survey with one of our qualified surveyors, including a risk assessment and advice on where to start.

All the products we use are fully tested and certified for use in lifesaving systems and for commercial businesses we can supply systems to match fire safety regulations for your business sector.

For more information, to book a survey or to discuss any specific requirements please call us on 01489 566101 or request further information or a call back


Croma Security deliver CCTV Security Solutions for both domestic and commercial sites. When building security CCTV systems, the most important thing is not to compromise on design and specification. The equipment you purchase will determine the quality of image you see on the monitor and more importantly the quality of the image you see when playing back a recording.

We will be pleased to attend and carry out a full site survey.

Our Security Solutions surveying team each have many years of knowledge in the security industry. Including detailed knowledge on intelligent video analytics, night vision security cameras (Infra-red or thermal) and covert surveillance systems.

You've got your CCTV system in place. One question: who's watching the camera feeds?

Yes, the recorded footage can be vital evidence in the event of a crime or an insurance claim, but to intervene you need to constantly monitor the cameras. Traditionally this meant hiring security staff to spend their day watching screens, but you can now rely on Bosch's Intelligent Video Analysis - making better use of your existing security assets.

Croma Security are approved Bosch enterprise partners and specialists with the IVA video analysis systems. Aside from dramatically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your security, from rapid manned response to potential threats and developing situations, to saving significant amounts of time in reviewing recorded CCTV footage.

Turn each surveillance camera into an active asset, automatically issuing alerts to predefined situations; from someone entering or even loitering near the perimeter, to objects being left where they shouldn't, and even monitoring traffic.

When specifying CCTV systems, there are many points to take in to consideration:

What view are you looking for? This is one of the most important factors, as it will determine the camera and lens type.

  • Are you looking to protect specific areas?
  • What level of information do you wish to collect?
  • For what purpose?
  • Do you need to see in the dark?
  • Do you require Thermal cameras to detect heat traces at range?

For more information, to book a survey or to discuss any specific requirements please call us on 01489 566101 or request further information or a call back


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