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At Croma, we make a point of working in partnership with the leading security product manufacturers. Companies who are working hard to come up with new ways to safeguard your assets, to protect your properties and to make the world a safer place. 

Through these partnerships, we can offer you the very best security technologies as they come to market worldwide. And we only work with companies we know to be innovative, customer oriented and reliable – because those are the things we strive to be as well.


Hitachi Identity Management group provides the Finger Vein authentication technology. Croma have built their own software platform that integrates with the Hitachi technology to enable people to authenticate themselves whilst simultaneously unlocking doors or gaining access to premises. Croma's integration is highly innovative and complements Hitachi's finger vein technology.


Together Bosch and Croma offers a new quality standard in round-the-clock video surveillance. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Their investment in security hardware is matched by Croma's innovation and expert delivery capabilities. 

For many years both organisations have worked closely together and even co-developed together to deliver security solutions for Government organisations, FTSE 100 companies, Enterprises and Private Clients. 


Wherever compromise is not an option

Croma are an approved installer of Abloy electric locks and an authorised key systems dealer for ABLOY PROTEC2. 

Abloys product range includes electric locking, patented cylinder and padlock mechanisms, CLIQ electromechanical access control and more.

Together, Abloy’s solutions offer secure, compliant and lasting solutions trusted by organisations throughout the UK, across a variety of industries.

Shield Risk Consulting

SHIELD Risk Consulting is a worldwide consulting company. We operate all over the world and have subsidiaries, program offices and local offices in some 30 countries. We’re involved in a wide range of activities in the Non-governmental, security, logistics, retail and manufacturing industries. 

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