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About us

Croma Vigilant was founded and is run by ex-military personnel. Military standards and thinking are embedded in the DNA of the company. This distinctive philosophy affects everything we do for our Clients in the field.

High Standards

We demand and expect high standards from every officer who works for us. We believe in high standards across the board and that by focusing on even the smallest details we are able to offer an excellent service. We have found that high expectations have led to higher morale and higher performance.

  • Timekeeping – our officers will turn up on time.
  • Rotas – each officer will have visibility of the rota and changes due to holiday and sickness will be notified in good time. 
  • Duties – each officer will know exactly what is expected of them in the role.
  • Uniform – we expect our officers to look smart and wear their designated uniform at all times. Any deviance from the prescribed outfit will be addressed immediately.
  • Training – only trained staff cover a shift. You will be notified well in advance of any training in the building.

Customer Focus 

We expect our officers to be good listeners and to be able to filter information effectively so as to take appropriate action. Our belief is that a core part of our delivery is the impression we leave on our Clients and their customers and that’s why we train our officers extensively in customer service.


In a fast changing world we have often found our Clients need some support in very short timescales. We are a “can do” company that rarely say no to any customer request.


From the Chief Executive downwards, all managers within our company are directly involved in the running of the company. All personnel are available for direct contact with our Clients as and when required. We have a very flat organisational structure, which means that our ethos, dedication, pragmatic approach and striving for perfection isn’t diluted through unnecessary layers of management.