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Specialist SECURITY Services

We provide security surveys and consultations, crisis management, close protection, country house asset protection and penetration testing all carried out by our ex-military personnel to exacting standards. We are very flexible so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Close Protection

Croma Vigilant provides Ex-United Kingdom Special Forces teams able to deal with any security eventuality. No job is too esoteric or difficult to solve. We provide a range of services such as close protection, close surveillance, discreet surveillance and protection, area clearances etc. However the management team is very willing and able to adapt its specialist guards into any field required.


All our staff are ex-Special Forces personnel with a wealth of knowledge essential to combat today's multifaceted methods of criminal fraud & deception. Vigilant has proven successful in both commercial and domestic investigation fields. We provide consultation interviews, in order to review your concerns in any field of investigation and recommend the correct course of action that should be taken. Once a case has been taken on and enquires are initiated, you the client would be kept up to date with any developments and you can cancel any action, at any time you wish. Our investigators are ex-Special Forces personnel and are fully conversant with the procedure of criminal investigation, the gathering of evidence and the presentation of prosecution files to court. We can provide a full service therefore ensuring that the offender is brought to justice. Once a case has been investigated and a file of evidence has been compiled, information is laid before the court and summonses issued or offenders arrested. 

Security Surveys and Consultancy

We offer a worldwide consultancy which draws on the expertise of our Ex-United Kingdom Special Forces personnel. Individuals and companies can rely on Vigilant to solve security related problems quickly, discreetly and efficiently at any time of the day or night. You'll find our innovative solutions reflect your requirements and our standards are second to none.


Croma Vigilant Security has a proven covert surveillance capability, and can deploy Ex United Kingdom Special Forces teams at very short notice to conduct foot or mobile surveillance in urban or rural environments.

Using our highly experienced officers and latest technical surveillance equipment, Vigilant can covertly gather intelligence and can conduct effective counter surveillance measures.

No job is unachievable with such expert and experienced teams on hand.

Crisis Management

Croma Vigilant Security is the first choice for leading organisations in Europe looking to build their ability to deal with a crisis.

Crisis Management activities include forecasting potential crises and planning how to deal with them. Many organisations do not have the time or resources to complete a crisis management plan before they experience a crisis.

Croma Vigilant Security will identify the real nature of a current crisis and implement the necessary changes to minimize damage and enable speedy recovery.

Country House Asset Protection

Croma Vigilant's Security officers have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection from escorting high value possessions in transit to safeguarding specialized high value assets in residential sites.

All client requirements are assessed confidentially and stringently and robust security procedures are implemented to ensure the immediate safety of your assets wherever they may be.

We realise the potential threat faced by many isolated properties in the countryside which house high value assets and we attempt to minimise the ever increasing danger of high value crime.