Access Control & Entry Systems

Access Control systems

Any security system needs to be reliable, simple to operate, accessible and flexible whether it's for buildings, public places or individuals.

As specialists we understand and recognise the need for approved electronic locking systems to be specified for all Fire Escape route doors in accordance with recent legislation. Traditional magnetic locks are no longer considered to be fit for purpose in many of these situations.

When specifying Access Control systems, there are a few points to take in to consideration:

What type of technology do you require? Card reader, proximity or biometrics.

Our specialists will advise you clearly upon the benefits of each technology to suit your requirements and risk. Often a combination of technologies can be utilised.

Do you require stand alone, network or cloud-based management?

This is very much dependant upon your needs and the risk assessment.

How many doors do you need to control?

Often clients miss out essential choke points to the facility.

Do you require a voice and/or video entry system to operate on any of your access-controlled points?

Voice or Video entry systems are a professional way to manage visitors and tradesman into your premises. Croma will assist you in making the right choice of technology to provide you with a seamless and easy process for gaining entry.

How many people in your organisation require access through the door (s). What doors can they go through?

Our specialists will assist you in gathering your requirements to create an access control matrix.

What is the construction of the doors?

If any of the doors are external, Fire escape doors or high security doors, you will require a high security lock and/or certified locking hardware to ensure compliance with your insurers and building regulations.

What is the risk if someone gains access to these areas?

Clients often underestimate the potential risk and our surveyors will assist you in the risk assessment process.


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