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The Croma Model

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We are focused on creating the British Security Brand, bringing together mechanical and electronic security in a market which currently tends to be divided into separate disciplines.


Our goal is to acquire established and trusted local locksmith businesses that service a mixture of retail, trade, and commercial customers.

We build upon the solid foundations of these businesses by consolidating and centralising administrative roles, adding geographic locations, choice for customers, implementing software systems designed for the industry to streamline processes, developing a more modern retail environment, and expanding the services offered.

Centralising Administration

We simplify the processes and reduce administrative time and costs in retail locations by using our centralised accounting, IT, H&S, HR, fleet management, and compliance functions. Leaving our staff in the shops free to service and support customers, which is what they do best.

Modern Retail Environment

Over time we modernise the typical locksmith environment. Maintaining the traditional feel whilst creating a more inviting environment for customers to visit, showcasing additional Group services and innovations through our interactive display boards. 

Software Systems

We have created an in-house software product designed to streamline the sales and accounting process for retail and commercial customers. This software is designed specifically for the business needs utilising expert knowledge of the industry, resulting in huge benefits over traditional systems. “Infowebb” delivers greater efficiencies in the locksmith sector where most small operators typically run paper-based systems.

Geographic flexibility and choice

We work through our current portfolio of customers and regularly update them about any new locations acquired, providing flexibility for their staff to utilise closer geographic locations to their work.

With all new acquisitions, we engage with the customers about the rest of the Croma family locations and any additional services that we can provide. This cross selling of services to existing strong client relationships leads to organic growth and increased profitability.

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